Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15/10/2013 - rot

I told you I was brave, I lied
I asked you to hold my hand while I cried
over things that I could not tell you
that eat away at me each day
and rot in my mind

These last few weeks anxiety has really taken over my life and I've felt unable to do things I could perfectly well before. Simple things like walking to and from college became terrifying and I've felt so trapped inside my house. I'm lucky I have the people around me that I do otherwise I don't think I would've left my bed. Today was my second day back at college and although it was incredibly nerve-wrecking I felt like I coped with it well, and I need to carry on being positive about things else I'll never get my confidence back.

I started this poem months ago and never knew where to go with it, I finished it last night after talking to my partner for a while.

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