Wednesday, 18 December 2013


incredibly awkward pouty photo that illustrates how much i need a haircut soon

It's getting close to Christmas Day and I still have no exact plans. Oh well. It's my last day of term tomorrow and I could not be more pleased. So far college has been awful in terms of the workload and preparing for my mock exams in January. My birthday is in exam week so it's unlikely anyone's going to want to go out for the night haha!

I haven't posted much in the way of photo posts or outfits so I'm going to make an effort to over the next few weeks because I've got so many outfits I love that I haven't posted yet. Also I'm selling a load of my clothes to help fund my trip (however minute that contribution is) so I'll post that on here too.

I don't really have many ideas of what to write about on here except my personal day-to-day stuff so if you have any suggestions message me on tumblr. I know I want to do a fitness post at some point because that's a pretty major part of my life that I haven't even really mentioned much on here. I finally got around to working out today - the first time since I started moving - and it was the best feeling ever. There's less space here so I'm having to modify my normal routine but that's good! My diet has definitely suffered as I don't have things such as my smoothie maker here for my breakfast and we haven't really done a proper shop since moving in. I'll do some food posts once we do though! I get a lot of asks on my 'fitblr' about Christmas dinner and seriously, it's a holiday, eat what you want. I'm definitely going to haha.

Okay I really don't know what else to write but I felt like writing something...good night!

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