Saturday, 11 January 2014

12/01/2014 - films/books

Last week I got around to watching The Great Gatsby, and as with Baz Lurhmann's other films, I love it! My partner has was reading the book at the time we watched it and said he was impressed with how closely to the book it followed, and we both felt like the film was well-cast and the party scenes exactly how we imagined them!

We also used our 2 for 1 ticket to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We originally planned to see The Hobbit, but after deciding that neither of us actually cared we opted for the only other decent-looking film our tiny cinema was playing at that time. I didn't expect to like it all that much and based on the trailer I thought it was going to be a family film, but I was pleasantly surprised! I really liked this film, it was a real feel good film and made me want to go do things. I'm not sure what things, I was just motivated...I was excited when I realised Adam Scott was in it! And he plays assholes so well. But I'm not sure what was going on with that beard. Was that a fake joke beard or was that serious? I can't even tell.

At the moment I'm reading The Dreamers, apparently you can't get the original title anymore...unless you want to pay £22 on Amazon. It was a perfect Christmas present from my aunt and it's a lovely edition, I almost feel bad for creasing the spine. So far I like it, Isabelle's character seems to be portrayed a lot differently than to how she was in the film and I can't believe the characters are supposedly only 17! But then I guess it would be more a lot more difficult/controversial (well, more controversial than it already was) to cast actors that looked 17 to portray some of those sex scenes...The reason I dislike watching films before reading the book is that it takes away my ability to imagine those characters for myself - before Isabelle's character was even described I already had Eva Green in my mind. But then again it's not all bad, if it weren't for the film I wouldn't be able to read their lines in Louis Garrel and Eva Green's beautiful French accents! I'll review the book when I'm finished reading it - which shouldn't be too long, I didn't realise how short a novel it was!

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